6207ZZ Bearing 6207-2RS 6207 Deep Groove Ball Bearing

6 207-2Z Bearings are widely used in electrical motors ,instrument,building machinery,rolling stock,agricultural machines,low noise motor,auto fore wheel,air compressor,water pumps,rear wheel,transmission gear,motorcycle,air-conditioner,handling machineries,instrument,gearbox and various...

Product Details

6207 Open type bearings 6207-2RS/C3 6207-2Z high quality ball bearings.

TypeDeep groove ball bearing 6207-2RS
d35 mm
D72 mm
H17 mm
D160.7 mm
Da max65 mm
d147.2 mm
da min42 mm
ra max1 mm
rmin1.1 mm
Cr27.5 KN
Cor15.3 KN
Cur0.77 KN
nG12800 1/min
nB10300 1/min
m291 g

6207-2Z Bearings are widely used in electrical motors ,instrument,building machinery,rolling stock,agricultural machines,low noise motor,auto fore wheel,air compressor,water pumps,rear wheel,transmission gear,motorcycle,air-conditioner,handling machineries,instrument,gearbox and various specialize machineries.6207 bearing is made of chrome steel Gcr15.

ING Technology Co.,Limited provides 6207-2rs bearings for over 20 years. We are the Ball Bearing and Roller Bearing experts serving the OEM and Maintenance markets throughout the United States as well as the international markets.Quality control for 6207 deep groove ball bearings are strict and we have rich inventory for the bearing 6207.

Welcome to buy the quality 6207zz bearing 6207-2rs 6207 deep groove ball bearing with our professional dealer. Our distributor will also offer you a complete catalog for you to choose. Please be free to enjoy our competitive price and good service.

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