6202 6202ZZ 6202-2RS Bearing 15X35X11mm SCHORCH Ball Bearings

6202ZZ bearings are usually used in high speed motors and precision machines.It is in chrome steel material.Z2V2 grade.high precision and high speed bearings 6202-2RS are ready in stock.

Product Details

6202ZZ bearing 6202-2RS deep groove ball bearing 15x35x11mm

TypeDeep groove ball bearing 6202-2RS
d15 mm
D35 mm
H11 mm
D129.3 mm
Da max30.8 mm
d121.1 mm
da min19.2 mm
ra max0.6 mm
rmin0.6 mm
Cr8.2 KN
Cor3.75 KN
Cur0.197 KN
nG30000 1/min
nB20200 1/min
m43 g

6202-2Z Bearings are widely used in electrical motors ,instrument,building machinery,rolling stock,agricultural machines,low noise motor,auto fore wheel,air compressor,water pumps,rear wheel,transmission gear,motorcycle,air-conditioner,handling machineries,instrument,gearbox and various specialize machineries.

Precision: P0,P6,P5,P4,P2(ABEC1,ABEC3,ABEC5,ABEC7,ABEC9)


Values: ISO 5753-1:2009

Tolerances:Dimensional accuracy to P6 and reduced width tolerance: 
         D ≤ 110 mm → 0/ –60 μm 
         D > 110 mm → 0/ –100 μm 

         Running accuracy 
         D ≤ 52 mm → P5 
         52 mm < D ≤ 110 mm → P6 
         D > 110 mm → Normal tolerances

Steel Ball Grade:G10 is the 1st choice,G16 is avalaible if clients request.

Welcome to buy the quality 6202 6202zz 6202-2rs bearing 15x35x11mm schorch ball bearings with our professional dealer. Our distributor will also offer you a complete catalog for you to choose. Please be free to enjoy our competitive price and good service.

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